A. Darwin is the sum of two passions : the internet and design. I have made a career of the former and am now putting it to the service of the latter in order to explore how both worlds shape the unexpected evolution of our lives. My goal is to create prototypes of everyday objects with a modern, Gattaca-era look, using non-industrial means. All pieces are hand-crafted by making original use of simple tools and materials. The result is a unique style for the discerning semi-snob who dares to look beyond brand names.

Designer Alfonso R


Well, since this just started and I don't do this full time. I prefer emails:

We can talk on Skype or by phone 514-812-5000


You can follow me @ semisnob.


Moco Design

Guten:ver (Artes Plasticas)




Why this site?

Inspired by the Red Paper Clip saga and wanting to house my ideas under a single roof. 

How it works?

If you live in Montreal and find something you like, then we can meet to exchange for something you don't want anymore and that I like. Too weird? OK, then you can just buy it here.

If you live somewhere else in the universe and find something you like, contact me with a suggestion of something you don't want anymore. When we come to an agreement, send it to me: once I receive it, I will send you yours. Too weird? OK, then you can just buy it at our store.

What to exchange?

I don't have a wish list, so surprise me. Just a few rules first:
    * You do own it
    * It is not illegal
    * You give permission for your former goods to be traded later on.

Original Designs

The original creations I offer here will have a certificate and you will be recorded as the official owner.


Don't be shy, contact me.

Legal Disclaimer

Bla, bla, bla

We reserve the right to request proof of ownership or an ownership statement.


Thank you for the code

Community & Associates

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